2014 NCTA Championships Results


Results for the 2014 NCTA Championships are now available on the results page.

Keynote at FISU



U.S. National Collegiate Taekwondo Association (NCTA) President Dr. Russell Ahn delivered a keynote speech
at the 12th FISU Forum at Gwangju, South Korea. He gave a keynote speech on behalf of World Taekwondo
Federation (WTF) to talk about the history and development of UC Martial Arts Program as well as the
educational programs of WTF. During his talk, many people got interested in how taekwondo can be used
as an educational tool and leadership training purposes for various groups of participants. It was such
a great honor for Dr. Ahn and the UC Martial Arts Program to promote UC Berkeley and its martial arts
program in front of hundreds of university sports leaders and students.

About FISU

The FISU (International University Sports Federation) was formed within university institutions in
order to promote sports values and encourage sports practice in harmony with and complementary
to the university spirit. Promoting sports values means encouraging friendship, fraternity, fair-
play, perseverance, integrity, cooperation and application amongst students, who one day will have
responsibilities and even key positions in politics, the economy, culture and industry. As allies or
competitors, perhaps even as antagonists, these men and women will have learned how to collaborate and
deal with every eventuality, whilst respecting the ethical code enshrined in these values. Promoting sports
values and sports practice also implies giving a new dimension to the university spirit in study, research,
and discipline, through the strong affirmation of the full humanist development of the individual and of
society at large. This development is not just intellectual, but also moral and physical.


2014 NCTA Championships


The event site for the 2014 NCTA championships is now live at ncta-nationals.org!

2013 NCTA Fall meeting (Nov. 10)


Parties present:
President Dr. Russell Ahn (representing UC Berkeley as well)
Secretary General Vincent Lo
VP Alex Antipa (representing UC Davis as well)
VP Dan Chuang (representing MIT as well)

Other school present:
Mr. Rex Hatfield (representing Princeton University)

Mr. Hatfield: Historically there have not been many divisions in
sparring with over 8 competitors, and so for our team trials we should
start double elimination at semifinals instead of quarterfinals.

President Ahn: We need to look into the pricing of different poomsae
scoring systems.
SG Lo: I think we should have a single individual looking into a
combined pricing structure from each vendor that provides poomsae and
sparring scoring systems as well as sells gear and other items, so as
to get the best bid for our purpose.
VP Antipa will look into Daedo’s poomsae system, and SG Lo will look
into PoomsaePro, which was turned down last time due to costs.
iPoomsae is, of course, virtually free, as long as we ask our referees
to let us use their iPads.

President Ahn: We need to form an organizing committee that will
decide on various important items including the final schedule. The
tentative members are as follows: Alex Antipa, Linda Buell, Sophia
Chung, Rex Hatfield, and Michael Shea. We will provide room and board
for these members but not airfare (unless they qualify otherwise like
Mr. Hatfield).  We will not invite Ms. Audrey Yap because of costs.
VP Antipa said he would ask if Ms. Melannie Lavarias would be
interested in generously helping out again.  VP Chuang mentioned
bringing someone experienced to the tournament (i.e., not organizing)

President Ahn suggests splitting the black belt sport poomsae division
into say two to have more medals available for that division in the
interest of encouraging more black belts to compete; team trials can
be held the same weekend to determine those who will qualify for the
USAT Nationals.

SG Lo will ask Ms. Jeanna Mendoza, the new USAT director of events,
about the logistics of how our Collegiates can qualify our Free Style
poomsae medalists for the USAT Nationals.  If this is not possible,
perhaps we can make this a demo event at our Collegiates.  There is
the similar question of how our High School Championships medalists
could qualify for the USAT Nationals.

We need to move forward with the promotion efforts for our individual
and club memberships.

Future fundraising events like tournament management seminars are feasible.

NCTA Athletes Represent USA at 2013 World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships


NCTA Athletes Represent USA at 2013 World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships
by Dan Chuang

Congratulations to the current and former US National Collegiate
Taekwondo team members who competed at the 2013 World Taekwondo
Poomsae Championships, in Bali, Indonesia from Oct. 31 to Nov. 3!
Eight current and former collegiate national team members were
represented on the US National Poomsae Team this year.

Megan Yi (2013 collegiate team) competed in the female under 29
individual division and advanced to the semifinals.  She placed 13th
overall out of 32 competitors.

The female team of Carissa Fu (2009-2013 collegiate team), Miyako
Yerick (2012-2013 collegiate team), and Michelle Chen (2013 team)
advanced to the finals, placing 8 of 18 teams and finishing 8th

The men’s team of Long Nguyen (2011-2012 collegiate team), Huy Nguyen,
and Kody Han placed 9th in the semifinals out of 15 teams in the male
Under 29 team poomsae division, missing the finals by just 1 place.

Jason Hwang (2009 collegiate team) reached the semifinals in the male
individual under 39 poomsae division, placing 10 of 29 and missing the
finals by just two places. Hwang was coming off of a 2012 world gold
medal performance in the over 29 mixed pair division.

NCTA athletes were represented in the freestyle poomsae division as
well. Long Nguyen (2011-2012 collegiate team) and Kelsey Ha competed
in mixed pair freestyle and advanced to the finals where they placed
6th out of 13 overall pairs.

Long also competed alongside NCTA athletes Lance Supnet (2012-2013
collegiate team), Hazel Cruz (2012-2013 collegiate team), as well as
other US athletes Cody Han and Kelsey Ha in the mixed team freestyle
division. The team advanced to the finals, finishing 5th overall of 11
teams. The team was had earned a 2012 world bronze medal performance
in the mixed team division and just missed repeating that feat.

The US team finished 5th overall in the country medal standings with 2
gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze medals.

Serving as part of the coaching staff for the team were 2013 US
National Collegiate Taekwondo Team head coach Dan Chuang and 2012 US
National Collegiate Poomsae Team coach Huy Nguyen.

2013 National Team

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