I am pleased to let you know that the Korean University Taekwondo Federation Team will visit the California Bay Area as part of our NCTA exchange program. For your information, 5 out of 13 athletes will be competing in 2012 WUTC in Pocheon, Korea. We will have several technical clinics and friendly matches with the Korean team during their stay in the Bay Area. The Korean team will also visit Stanford, UCB and UC Davis to do technical training as well as conduct friendly matches during their stay.

They will further participate in the 43rd UC Open Taekwondo Championship as competitors. There will be a 5 on 5 tag team competition between the US and Korean team and individual matches as well.  Therefore, I would like to invite our NCTA National team after we select our team this weekend.

For your information, I would like to invite either Korean or Spain University team over to the East Coast next year as part of our exchange program effort. Throughout the exchange program, we will not only further our relationship with other countries' Taekwondo teams but also elevate our US Team's competition experience.

I am looking forward to seeing you all soon in Boston.

Russell Anh

2012 Korean University Taekwondo Federation Team