Thank you for your support of the National Collegiate Taekwondo Championships!  I am pleased to announce that at latest count we have a record setting 600 competitors attending these championships.  Congratulations to everyone for making this an historic event!

Some important announcements regarding this weekend:

No Athlete Registration Necessary Before Weigh-ins

Athletes who require weigh-ins may proceed directly to weigh-ins without stopping at registration first!  Athletes must bring a photo ID with them to weigh-ins.  If they weigh in at their target weight, they will receive a weigh-in card that they can take to registration, where they must again show their photo ID to to receive their credential and verify their paperwork.  If athletes are missing any paperwork (citizenship, student eligibility), they should be sure to use the "troubleshooting" line.

Temporary Access to Competition Floor on Saturday Morning for Black Belt Athletes

For black belts competitors who wish to watch the competition on Saturday morning before black belt registration starts, they may pick up a temporary credential at colored belt registration on Friday from 4-10 pm, or Saturday between 8-9 am.

Event Parking

There will be event parking available on Saturday and Sunday at the MIT West Garage, which is directly across from the Johnson Athletic Center entrance at 120 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA  02139.  Parking at the MIT West Garage will cost $5 per day.  Also, there is metered parking along Vassar St. and Massachusetts Ave near the entrance to the Johnson Athletic Center.  This metered parking will be free on Saturday evening and all day on Sunday.

For the Friday night events at the Cambridge Hyatt, there is paid parking available at the Cambridge Hyatt.  There is metered and free parking along Vassar St. in the vicinity immediately around the hotel.

Qualifying for USAT Senior Nationals in Poomsae

According to the USAT selection procedures, all colored belt poomsae competitors will automatically qualify for USAT nationals in their corresponding division.  For black belt competitors, the top 4 finishers in each of the Poomsae Team Trials divisions only will qualify for USAT Nationals.

Color Belt Sparring Division Reminders

Just a reminder that color belt sparring will be scored using the judges controllers only, thus color belt competitors do not require Daedo electronic foot protectors.  White, yellow green and blue belt competitors will compete under USAT junior safety rules, and are not required to wear Taekwondo gloves.  Red belts will compete under full adult rules and must wear Taekwondo gloves. Taekwondo gloves will be available for purchase on-site, along with other martial arts equipment and tournament T-shirts, though our tournament sponsor, Rhingo Martial Arts Supply.

Best regards,
Dan Chuang