History of NCTA

The National Collegiate Taekwondo Association (1976) was formed in 1970 by a group of collegiate martial arts instructors. It works to promote Taekwondo in colleges and universities and to create a better understanding of the culture and philosophy of Taekwondo.

In the early days of US collegiate Taekwondo competition, it was difficult to hold a National Collegiate Taekwondo Championship because of the limited number of colleges and universities holding membership in the NCTA. The only major collegiate annual competition was the Western Collegiate Taekwondo Championship held at the University of California, Berkeley, until 1976 when Professor Jae M. Lee hosted the 1st National Collegiate Taekwondo Championships at Nicholls University, Thibodaux, Louisiana. Subsequent National Collegiate Taekwondo Championships have taken place annually.

Effective as of 1985, the scoring of these tournament has been done on the basis of team standing: the team - the cumulative point total is determined, and first place is awarded three points, second place gets two points, and third place receives one point. Under this system, the US. team earned second place honors at the 1983 1st World Championships in Seoul, Korea.

The National Collegiate Taekwondo Association will continue to promote, foster, and broaden our activities in colleges and universities by providing quality instruction and coaching for Taekwondo students. The development of mind and body through qualified instructors and disciplined training will enhance the success of academic improvement and social progress.