Executive Committee Chairs present:
Russell Ahn, President
Alex Antipa, Vice President
Dan Chuang, Vice President
Tim Ghormley, First Vice President
Vincent Lo, Treasurer

Member universities present:
Iowa State University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Princeton University
Stanford University
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Davis
University of Minnesota Morris

VP Antipa leads this phone conference meeting, and asks everyone to
refer to the NCTA officers' meeting minutes on 10/15/11 posted on the
Web site.

First VP Ghormley speaks about his idea of a new point system for the
NCTA team selection.  A vote is passed to have a report due on 3/1/12
for a point system to be implemented in 2012 for the 2013 team

President Ahn speaks about the World University Taekwondo
Championships (WUTC) to be held on May 25-30 in Pocheon, South Korea.
He can arrange to have a mid-April team training camp in South Korea.

1-day training camps/seminars will be held for NCTA student-athletes.
Either VP Antipa of UC Davis or 1st VP Ghormley of Stanford University
will host one in January or February on the west coast, and VP Chuang
will host one in January at Manhattan in NYC.  President Ahn
emphasizes the need to finalize these dates and have them posted on
our Web site.

VP Antipa says that both the PacWest & ECTC schedules will be posted shortly.

President Ahn mentions different types of membership, with secondary
insurance, at an annual fee of $25-35 depending on the total number of
members.  VP Ghormley brings up membership for coaches.  Former
President Hatfield states that currently the combined membership fee
for both USAT and NCTA is $40.

VP Antipa suggests rolling both the PacWest and ECTC conferences under
NCTA, with VP Chuang saying that the new point system will make this
integration process easier.

President Ahn brings up the need to decide on whether to get the next
NCTA Championships sanctioned by USAT or not, in response to Iowa
State University's question about the incomplete transfers of NCTA
funds from USAT in the past.  VP Antipa, as the host for the last NCTA
Championships, states that USAT only provided a so-so online
registration site (HangAStar), with no data on registration from USAT,
and all the support on-site was provided by the host with little help
from USAT.  1st VP Ghormley concurs that USAT is not of much help as a
sanctioning body these days, even though it was a great idea in the
past with the NCTA Championships as a qualifier for the USAT Senior
Nationals.  VP Antipa motions to have the board decide on this
sanctioning issue by 1/15/12 and advise everyone

Former President Hatfield says he will forward his report on the
survey of martial arts programs in universities to President Ahn in

President Ahn states that UC Berkeley will host the High School
Championships on 4/20/12.  VP Antipa brings up the importance of the
TKD development in the middle geographical region of the US other than
just the east and west coasts.

In terms of expanding sponsorships, former President Pak will e-mail
his contacts.

VP Antipa says NCTA is still ~$4,500 in debt after Shenzhen.  NCTA
paid LaJust ~$3,000 for the last Championships.

VP Antipa suggests requiring a passport at the next NCTA Championships
for a student-athlete to make team, due to only ~6 weeks before WUTC.

President Ahn asks everyone to contact him if interested in hosting
international exchange programs.  Coach Fargas from Mexico is
interested in hosting the Pam Am University Taekwondo Championships,
with more details coming later.

Minutes prepared by Vincent Lo, NCTA Treasurer