U.S. National Collegiate Taekwondo Association (NCTA) President Dr. Russell Ahn delivered a keynote speech
at the 12th FISU Forum at Gwangju, South Korea. He gave a keynote speech on behalf of World Taekwondo
Federation (WTF) to talk about the history and development of UC Martial Arts Program as well as the
educational programs of WTF. During his talk, many people got interested in how taekwondo can be used
as an educational tool and leadership training purposes for various groups of participants. It was such
a great honor for Dr. Ahn and the UC Martial Arts Program to promote UC Berkeley and its martial arts
program in front of hundreds of university sports leaders and students.

About FISU

The FISU (International University Sports Federation) was formed within university institutions in
order to promote sports values and encourage sports practice in harmony with and complementary
to the university spirit. Promoting sports values means encouraging friendship, fraternity, fair-
play, perseverance, integrity, cooperation and application amongst students, who one day will have
responsibilities and even key positions in politics, the economy, culture and industry. As allies or
competitors, perhaps even as antagonists, these men and women will have learned how to collaborate and
deal with every eventuality, whilst respecting the ethical code enshrined in these values. Promoting sports
values and sports practice also implies giving a new dimension to the university spirit in study, research,
and discipline, through the strong affirmation of the full humanist development of the individual and of
society at large. This development is not just intellectual, but also moral and physical.