Dear NCTA participants,

The CU Boulder liability waivers are now available. We apologize for the delay in making them available to you. Please complete the appropriate waivers as all participants (athletes, coaches, referees, volunteers, etc.) will have to turn in a completed waiver before you can receive your credential. Blank waiver forms will also be available at the credential pick-up site in the Student Rec Center on the CU Boulder campus.

UCB Parking Map
2016 Waiver of Responsibility - High School Nationals
2016 Waiver of Responsibility - Collegiate Nationals

On Friday starting at 4:00pm and on Saturday at 8:30am we have been asked to use the entrance at the back of the Studen Rec Center. On Sunday we will enter through the front doors of the building.

As you can see from the enhanced campus map, there is a parking lot (lot 169, it is a dirt lot) which is a short walk up a hill to the rear entrance of the Student Rec Center. Please keep in mind that this is a hill according to Colorado standards.

The NCTA Organizing Committee